Monthly Archives: June 2012

Our New Home

 These are the photos from the den remodel. We had to take it down to the studs. It was alot of work. It took 7 whole days from start to finish. It was some 14 hour days and lots of sweat.

 This is a huge room. There was some termite damage that needed repairs.

 This is us mudding the drywall that we put up in the den.

 Waiting for mud to dry took up a whole day. Then, you have to sand and restart the process 2x’s.

This is Jason on one of our breaks.
The ceiling was yucky, and this photo you can see where the paint has been and where it hasn’t. Next, we put in baseboards, framed the doors and windows,and began painting the walls.


This is what it looked like by 10:00p.m. I went ahead and painted the trim and baseboards the next day.

 Here’s the wall hanging I did the following week. It turned out really well.

Jason made a recess for my machine, and now I have this huge table extension. He is awesome.
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           I quilted it on the frame. I love this thing. All I can wish for now is a midarm.

The paint on the walls are done. Next is painting trim and baseboards. We have been so busy with the house. I am so glad that this room is done. I have my sewing stuff in there. Yay! The frame is set up for quilting. I even did a wall hanging and got it done in time for the house warming party. Hopefully, I will not have to do this again anytime soon. It is time consuming and just flat out exhausting. We got it done though, and it is beautiful. I have plenty of room for sewing and Jason has room for his office area. We just need some furniture. Well, blog at you later.