Monthly Archives: February 2013

Noah’s Ark with Pinwheels

    I haven’t really quilted that much lately, but I got into Joann’s the other day and got some batting. It’s a necessity, and I was completely down to scraps. Now, it’s just time to finish up some projects.

  1. Noah’s Ark 2 Quilt
  2. Zigzag may be awhile
  3. Coffee Placemats
  4. Hanging some Wall Art
I did complete the Noah’s Ark Quilt top. Something is better than nothing. New use for the ping pong table too.

    After making this list, I got that quilt top done.
    We all got some electronics around here. The kids got Nabi2 which they love. The hubby got a kindle fire that he loves. I got a laptop that is totally awesome. Now, I can bring it in the den with me. It really makes blogging more fun. Because I can sit or lay on the couch and work on it without being uncomfortable. The sewing den is now being shared with a ping pong/air hockey table. My shoulder is already killing me.
         I am trying to change my eating habits for the better. I tried a Hawaiian Turkey burger that is really awesome. You should try this recipe. Yummy! Hubby was going to turn up his nose, but he loved it too. He said those burgers were better than the turkey burger that he had at Ruby Tuesdays. So, that’s saying something.
         I will have plenty of time to sew because hubby is taking a trip to the Philippines for work. I wish I could go. I was sick before his plane took off. Thanks to my sweetheart, Kenzie. Who I may add is feeling fine now. I got some medicine from the doc.  Hopefully, I can call this cold history. Blog at ya later.