Dresden Plate Tutorial

 I finally got around to my Dresden Plate. I felt that I accomplished something small with the Noah’s Ark 2 quilt. So, I started working on these Dresden Plates. I bought a template at Joann’s for the pieces and the center. I made my own template for the backing.
 I am not the quickest blogger or quilter. Some blogs are just post happy. I love those kinds. I would really love it if people that stop by could follow me. I have tons of visitors. Leave me a comment. Let me know what you are thinking or making.
I love how these turned out. I have them for sale here.
This is an 8 inch template. I squared up the fabric and cut off an 8 inch strip and cut out my pieces.
I take my piece

fold the top of the wedge in half  right sides together.

I sew the open side all the way to the fold along the top. Once the piece is sewn, I grab the next piece and continue sewing.

This forms a chain of pieces. You can do them all at once. I like to sew one Dresden at a time. This is 20 pieces.
I took them over to the ironing board and cut them apart. Here at the upper side where it is sewn, my finger is on the fold pointing to the little angle edge that I snipped to make it easier for turning.
I am going to turn top part so that it looks like the picture below.

At the left edge is the turning tool the I used to make the top points on my pieces. You can use a pencil or skewers from the kitchen. Same concept really.

I just pressed this one. 1 down 19 to go.
Here’s the other side.

I laid them out in the order I liked.

I picked up two. I lined them up right sides together. the bottom point on the triangle is really the important part to line up and sew right down the side.

This is what the set look like opened up.

I took the third place and lined it up and sewed it on and so on..

Just keep adding.

I am almost finished here. The last piece has been sewn.

Now, I just fold the Dresden in half and sew the last seam right sides together.
This is the back. I found a tray that would hide the seams. I traced it out on some pieced cardboard from a cereal box. Nothing fancy.
Here it is.

The white paper is cut smaller than the backing template for the batting. I used the paper on this so that I can pin it to the batting.
I cut the batting out.

The backing fabric was just cut a bit bigger than the template. It doesn’t need to be super accurate. No one will see this part.
I really don’t have the best starch sprayer. I will have to remedy this. I just held the template with one hand and ironed the other side with the template still in place. I removed the template and layered the top, fusible batting, and backing.  Sew around the edge of the circle on the back.

Now, I am going to put on the center circle in the front. Just sew that around the edge. You can get creative with your stitches here. Maybe, a blanket stitch or zigzag. I just went with straight stitches.

 Now, it’s time to quilt them.
Most Dresdens that I have seen were place onto a square of fabric and sewn down. Then batting and backing.

I really love how the back turned out. I might even like this side better.

These are available here.
Time to get back in the sewing den. Blog at ya later.


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