10 Things for this Summer’s to do List

I saw on A Quilting Life blog that she did a list of to do’s for the summer. I have seen several blogs with lists. 99 to do in 999 days. Which is far more than I would like to go with the list. I do love lists, but I also like to keep it simple. . So here it is starting with my WIP today.
10 seems doable

1.  Finish my new project that I am working on cutting. I don’t have the full design laid out. I was just super excited to start cutting up this charm pack by Moda VandCo.  Simply Style. I love it!

2. Make Tutorial Page for this blog ,start flickr , and do a linky party
3. Do the Swoonalong 2013. I put up a button for it.
4. Join the guild.
5. Start working on Farmer’s Wife Sampler. I have the book.
6. Take a few cutting days. All my scraps are gathering in different baggies.
7. Finish Magaritaville Quilt.

8. Finish Rail Fence Quilt

9. Do a scrap quilt from 2 inch squares that I am collecting.
10. Find the time to do all of the above and keep my house looking good at the same time.

Linking up with aquiltinglife and freshlypieced. Link your list. Blog at ya later.


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