Baby Changing Mat



 I have my friend Ayna visiting for the week. She is working on a baby quilt for a friend. I decided to make a cute little changing mat that also has diaper and wipe pockets.  I used a changing mat tutorial here, but I tweaked the size of the mat to 15″x30″.I found this cute little button at Joann’s. Of course, we had to make our rounds to the fabric stores. I saw on another local bloggers blog that we have Cloud 9 fabric at our Joann’s. Yes, indeedy, we do. Ooh La La.

She is adding borders as I am typing.

I really like the pockets.

It’s like a clutch. Just flip up the flaps and fold. Say that 10 times really fast.

Cute and I already had the fabric and batting in my stash. Hope she likes it.
*Update on this summers-to this-summers-to-do-list : Rail Fence is ready for borders. Yay!
I made a flickr account. Yvcampbell, I’m still finding my way around flickr.
I also just got the Swoon  pattern from Thimble Blossoms for the quilt along.
……the house is in decent condition. lol It’s always a work in progress.

This is a sneak peak of something else that I started. I got a grab bag of Robert Kauffman fabrics for our local store. I wanted to try something really out of my comfort zone.

The improv log cabin piecing didn’t scare me. It’s just putting random fabrics next to each other. I wasn’t that okay with it. I talked myself through the first block. It sounded something like, “It’s okay. It’s going to work out. You are just going to use that strip and not put it back. This is supposed to be fun and so on..hahaha. I made it through with support from Ayna. If she wouldn’t have been here it might have went in the trash or somewhere never to be found again.

Although, the first couple were giving me a complete panic attack. It’s going to turn out good. I’m okay with the process now. Woosah! Blog at ya later.
I’m linked up with Crazy Mom Quilts finish it up Friday.



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