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A Little Paper Piecing

It’s very obvious that I love coffee. So, it only makes sense to paper piece a coffee mug rug or coaster. This paper piecing thing is really fun. It’s different. Overall, I think I like it.

It 6 inches finished. So, I think it’s an oversized coaster. I picked it up from under the free patterns from this blog. It comes in different sizes too.

I like how the quilting came out. I like the modern lines and the piecing gives it an edge.

  The hardest part of paper piecing is getting the fabric to cover the space you are sewing. The angles can really mess me up.  I did try the mariner’s compass (also on, and it was a fail. A three time fail. Wow, all time record for me. I will get it. My hubby said maybe he could help with the labeling it or something. I could always get some help from my mother-in-law. So, I’ll get it. I must just be having a slow moment today.

This was a little contoured burp cloth. Pattern is here. Both sides are flannel.

A little matchy matchy for a friend’s baby shower gift. She loved it. This is a yard of two different fabrics sewn together and topstitched. It’s sewn in rows about every 6 inches to keep it from slipping. I tell ya, flannel is not my favorite to sew. It is stretchy. One tip to keep any fabric from slipping is give it a good starch.
Here’s some photos of our little family.
This is my son, Jared, catching some rays at the Pensacola Beach on Mother’s Day. We actually live  here. It’s like we are on permanent vacation. You would think we would all have better tans. Haha.
My daughter, Kenzie and her cousin, playing in the water. I tried to crop these photos and post them, but it wouldn’t let me upload them cropped onto blogger. I have no idea why. I am not a technical blogger at all.
On that note, I was excited that I added a couple buttons and a widget. I figured out, finally, how to add all the blogs I follow too. I did it with the help from some other blog tutorials. While I was making leaps and bounds I changed the look too. Woohoo!
We went to the blueberry patch for some picking. We did get a thunderstorm and had to wait it out under a overhang of a barn. It was just part of the adventure.

Look at those blueberries. I can taste the pie I made right now.

She is too cute.

We’re in one of those learning to smile stages. Still cute. The most awesome blueberry pie recipe is here. The only thing that I did different was 4 Tbsp. of cornstarch. The instructions said that the 3 wasn’t enough. It was great. It just takes about 2 hours to set.
This is one of me. I’m not at the sewing table. I was just about to go to dinner with a friend.  Just a few photos of what life is like around here. Let me add one of my hubby.
Here’s my handsome guys at my son’s pre-k graduation about a month ago.
I had to represent everyone. Now, I’m off to cook dinner. Blog at ya later.


Table Topper wth Prairie Points

 I love prairie points. They are not the easiest thing to do, but they are cute. I’ve really wanted to do them for awhile now. I’m not going to lie, I was scared. I mean, they look scary. They weren’t the hardest thing I’ve sewn. They give it a big bag of awesomeness.
I saw this pattern in a magazine on a quilt border, and decided to give it a go. The concept is simple. I just made my own cuts.
  • Apple fabric cut 4″ from long width of fabric. *you can cut the strips from any size. you just may have to make multiple cuts.
  • White fabric cut 2″ from 44 wide fabric.
  • Borders-White fabric strip that is 6 1/2″ x 40″
  • Prairie points were made with 1″points  via this tutorial
Once your two strips are cut at 2″ for the white and 4″ for the other fabric. I laid the right sides together along one side and sewed the length of the fabric.

 Press open towards the dark fabric. *made me think of star wars. I’m a total geek.
Square up the fabric ends.

I folded the fabric to make double cuts at 2 1/2″. I cut 12 for this topper.

Make sure that each fabric is in this position when sewing your sets together.

Here’s all my sets that were chain pieced.

I pressed my sets open and separated them.

Make sure the sets are facing the right way right sides together.
These are sewn together. Now, add  one to the other two to make one long piece.
This is my 40″ long  strip that’s 6 1/2″ wide, cut it at 3 1/4″.

I know the white it too long, but it’s fine. We are going to use the leftovers.

Just square up the border like this here. You are going to take the leftover that you just cut off.
Once you have lined it up on one end, you will cut where the short piece ends. This will make it the same size as the other one. Set those aside small pieces aside for the top and bottom.

Now, both borders are on the sides. I love the look here with the apples.

I took the remaining strip and sewed them on and squared it up. I took the leftovers and laid it on the other white piece for the last border trimmed it and sewed it. Just like I demonstrated earlier.

I had to take a pic of the pinning job here. I haven’t used this many pins in forever. I really worked out. I loved the tutorial, but she didn’t show how to attach it to a quilt or anything. So, I used an 1/8″ around the edge of the top here.

This is how it looks. Amazing!

I have the sandwich going here: top facing down and prairie points facing in, bottom right side up, and batting underneath. I sewed this 1/4″ around leaving the side open 6″ for turning.

I hope you enjoyed this adventure with me. It was an exciting one for me. I think it’s cute as can be and everything should have prairie points from now on and forever. Hahaha. 😉 Just kidding. Half of forever. Blog at ya later.






















Koozie Tutorial


Doesn’t everyone need a koozie? My hubby loves them.  So, Happy Father’s Day. You are the best dad, and you help keep me sane. I love you! I hunted for a koozie tutorial or pattern, and  I couldn’t find one I liked.  So, it was up to my own brain and a dash of help from a friend for the design. 

You’ll need:

    1 fat quarter or scrap of fabric. The inner lining can be the shiny silver insulbright.

    Small bit of cotton batting
    1/4 inch elastic or use whatever size you have on hand.
    Thread to match, scissors or rotary cutter, and sewing machine.

I cut the outer fabric, inner lining, and batting at 4 1/4 x 8 1/2 inches
I cut 2  pieces of 1/4 inch elastic at 2 inches
Heat Bond for applique if needed

This is the shiny side of the Heat Bond that I iron to the fabric per instructions on Heat Bond.

I am going to iron this down onto fabric. It will stick to it. Then, I will cut out the design.
Once you have cut out the design. You will peel off the paper like a sticker and place these on the fabic where you want them appliqued and iron. It will stick to the fabric. Heat Bond is one of my favorite things. I thought this would be scary, but it isn’t. It makes cutting small pieces very easy.
I want the batting, then outer fabric right side up (meaning-you can see the pattern on the fabric). I put the two pieces of elastic on one the right side of the fabric about 1 inch away from the top and bottom. Pin the elastic down..  The last layer is the backing. Place it wrong side up.


Pin it. I just keep it all lined up. Take it over the the sewing machine and sew around the outside. You will want to go over the elastic a couple times for security.

It nice with this thread. You can see what it looks like. I left about a 3 inch opening on the opposite end of the elastic. Back stitching on each side of the opening.

I trimmed the edges and the corners for better turning.

This is turned.
Before I get to the elastic, I am going to topstitch around the edge and leave the left side open for the elastic. I used the matching thread here.

I tucked the fabric on the open end here.

  I am going to slip in the elastic about 1/2 inch.

I am going to wrap the elastic to the back and pin it.  Now, when I stitch the side together, the elastic will be sewn to the under side. This is the only way that I found that I didn’t have to fight with it.

Now, when I stitch the side together, the elastic will be sewn to the under side. This is the only way that I found that I didn’t have to fight with it. After thought, I could’ve just pinned them regular and used the arm sleeve on my machine. My machine is sunk down. So, this is just as good.

Here’s another look before I sew it. I am going to go over the  elastic and sew it.
It’s not the neatest but no one is going to be looking at that part. Haha. Now, it’s time for a cold drink. I hope you liked this one. Pretty easy peasy. Blog at ya later.


Teacher’s Appreciation Mug Rug’s

     There’s always a holiday or something special to prepare for with gifts. Like Mother’s Day, I got plans for that already. This is about Teacher’s Appreciation. I do appreciate all they do for my kids, and making a little gift is fun for me as well. There’s a little koozie surprise that I snuck in here.

Mug Rugs are on the agenda. I started out with her 1st grade teacher.
Mug Rugs – Used for drink and a snack, or just for the cuteness factor. It’s 5 by 9 inches.

This is for the art teacher. I hope he likes fish. We are in Pensacola, FL. Salt Life stickers are everywhere. Plus, it was  the only manly fabric I have. LOL

This one is for the music teacher. I was getting a little tired by this time. I quilted do re mi from the Sound of Music. It’s subtle. I should’ve used another color of thread. Whoops. By the time I thought of that, I was done quilting it, and I would’ve had to start over. So not happening!

Here we have the blue mountains in a koozie. This is for the P.E. teacher. Tutorial coming soon!
It made me think of this song…I had to add it.

The birdies are all getting their feathers now. Beautiful little things.

Some finishes

I finally got the little tabs on to hang my coffee trio that I made some 6 months ago. I have a 3rd panel, but there was no other spot. We got a large picture for over the dining table. That’s where they were meant to go. So, I’ll just swap it out occasionally.  I finished these in like 10 minutes. I have no idea why I put things off. It’s ridiculous. 

In the last post, I showed you the cute birdie eggs that moved into our backyard. OMG, they hatched. Of course they did. Hubby and I  risked being dive bombed for these photos. Seriously, it swooped right by my head. I could hear the wind. I covered my eyes immediately.

You can see all the way down this lil guys throat.
I finished a bunch of new items for the shop. Hopefully, Mother’s Day will be the first sale. Shop here.

Pincushion tutorial here.

Who knew hand towels could be so stinkin’ cute?

This set  is my favorite. It was my most creative moment today. 🙂

I love coffee!

Enjoy your sewing. Blog at ya later.

Dresden Plate Tutorial

 I finally got around to my Dresden Plate. I felt that I accomplished something small with the Noah’s Ark 2 quilt. So, I started working on these Dresden Plates. I bought a template at Joann’s for the pieces and the center. I made my own template for the backing.
 I am not the quickest blogger or quilter. Some blogs are just post happy. I love those kinds. I would really love it if people that stop by could follow me. I have tons of visitors. Leave me a comment. Let me know what you are thinking or making.
I love how these turned out. I have them for sale here.
This is an 8 inch template. I squared up the fabric and cut off an 8 inch strip and cut out my pieces.
I take my piece

fold the top of the wedge in half  right sides together.

I sew the open side all the way to the fold along the top. Once the piece is sewn, I grab the next piece and continue sewing.

This forms a chain of pieces. You can do them all at once. I like to sew one Dresden at a time. This is 20 pieces.
I took them over to the ironing board and cut them apart. Here at the upper side where it is sewn, my finger is on the fold pointing to the little angle edge that I snipped to make it easier for turning.
I am going to turn top part so that it looks like the picture below.

At the left edge is the turning tool the I used to make the top points on my pieces. You can use a pencil or skewers from the kitchen. Same concept really.

I just pressed this one. 1 down 19 to go.
Here’s the other side.

I laid them out in the order I liked.

I picked up two. I lined them up right sides together. the bottom point on the triangle is really the important part to line up and sew right down the side.

This is what the set look like opened up.

I took the third place and lined it up and sewed it on and so on..

Just keep adding.

I am almost finished here. The last piece has been sewn.

Now, I just fold the Dresden in half and sew the last seam right sides together.
This is the back. I found a tray that would hide the seams. I traced it out on some pieced cardboard from a cereal box. Nothing fancy.
Here it is.

The white paper is cut smaller than the backing template for the batting. I used the paper on this so that I can pin it to the batting.
I cut the batting out.

The backing fabric was just cut a bit bigger than the template. It doesn’t need to be super accurate. No one will see this part.
I really don’t have the best starch sprayer. I will have to remedy this. I just held the template with one hand and ironed the other side with the template still in place. I removed the template and layered the top, fusible batting, and backing.  Sew around the edge of the circle on the back.

Now, I am going to put on the center circle in the front. Just sew that around the edge. You can get creative with your stitches here. Maybe, a blanket stitch or zigzag. I just went with straight stitches.

 Now, it’s time to quilt them.
Most Dresdens that I have seen were place onto a square of fabric and sewn down. Then batting and backing.

I really love how the back turned out. I might even like this side better.

These are available here.
Time to get back in the sewing den. Blog at ya later.

Birthday Bunting

Right after I posted the finishing touches on the Block by block quilt, I started the binding on the birthday bunting. I felt so good to complete it. My daughter’s 7th birthday party is going to be this weekend. So, it’s a relief that everything is ready for the party.  These are pretty easy. They are two sided again like the table topper and cake place mat. I used the scraps from those projects to finish here.
It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I guess, that’s just life. Well, I am definitely living.

I took a 6 1/2 inch by 4 inch strip and trimmed it up.
Then, I just cut from corner to corner.

Now here the cut is from left to right. Really, this wasn’t the idea. I just happened to cut it this way. I wanted them to be the same. Plus, I didn’t have enough material to redo them. Oh well, just remember to check how you are cutting to make sure that they are going to be uniform or not. 

Here is a pretty big scrap. I think that this is where I decided to make different sizes. 
I cut a straight edge. I figured that I already have them hanging differently, why not make them larger too. Sometimes, making it work, really works. Wow.
Some of the scraps were to small to make the rectangular cuts. So, I used the mat.I lined the straight edge up on the cutting mat,and the ruler on the 30 degree line on my cutting mat.  Another option to using the ruler is making a template out of plastic. You can use double stick tape to secure it to the ruler for cutting. 
I used the rulers 30 degree line to make the cuts.  Once all the triangles were cut, I sewed the pink and green triangles right sides together. You can go down one side and up the other. Remember to trim off the point of the triangle to make turning. Leave the top open and turn. Do this to all remaining triangles. Then, I made a 1/2″ double bias binding for the top.

Glad you stopped by…blog at ya later.

Flying Geese Potholder 2

IMAG0676 Here’s the second potholder.
I had just a little bit left. So, why not two?  Things are always better in a pair. 

The colors on these two photos are the most accurate to show the deep red and orange and gold tones of the leaves. They are lovely for fall.

IMAG0675   Just one more pic.  This was just a quick post to show you  the second one. So, blog at you later.

Flying Geese Potholder

    I wanted to do a small project. I like doing home décor. Pot holders are pretty easy. I didn’t want to do just plain plain squares. I really like the flying geese.  So, I thought, what the heck.  Here’s what I cut and used.

  • 4 rectangles 2 1/2 * 4 1/2 inches  in the dot pattern fabric
  • 8 squares 2 1/2 *2/12 in the red leaf print
  • 2 strips 2 1/2 *8 inches in dot pattern
  • I used 36 inches of single fold binding

Above on the left is the 2 1/2* 4 1/2  and the 2 1/2 inch square. I like to fold my squares and iron them in half. You can mark them with a marking pen. I just feel like the fold line is easier for me.  In the far right photo, I have folded squares laid on the rectangle.  They aren’t sewn at this point. I just wanted to get an idea of the look.
IMAG0644IMAG0646IMAG0647IMAG0649 Each photo here shows you what to do with them. The left photo, you can see that I chain pieced them together. This just means that I kept them at the machine and when one was done, I put the other pieces on to sew.  Now, I am just going to sew on the other side and trim.
Same concept, nothing fancy.
IMAG0656 I laid them top onto the next one in line. They’re right sides together. Sew on upper edge and then same for the rest.

IMAG0659  Next, I sewed on the 8 inch strips to each side.
 IMAG0661 I quilted it in the ditch (in the seam).

You can see the quilting on the back side. I added 1/4 binding. I just need to add a loop to hang it.

I just thought I would share it. I am happy with it. I think it came out good. I like trying new blocks out. I’ll blog at ya later.

Update on block by block,additions to the den, and a quick block

IMAG0532    IMAG0531
     It has taken me longer than expected on the block by block quilt.  It really seems like it is taking forever. I am just a busy mommy and housewife.  I really should never put myself on a time schedule for my quilts. I do it because it is exciting and fun. I don’t want that to change. Plus, it usually relaxes me to sew. All I’ve been thinking is that people are waiting on this quilt to be finished. To those of you who are, please be patient with me.  One of the corner pieces is just a little to small. Now, I need to get the  seam ripper and  reset it.  Boo…I was so ready to put those borders on that quilt. This block by block is a new process for me.  A couple times, I sewed the wrong side. I  mean, how in the world did it get turned around from the bed to the den. Frustrating. I take that seam out and fix it. Only to realize that I have sewn the binding strip right side up. You would think, I could catch these things. I know, it happens. I guess I can say that I am becoming a professional at the seam ripper. Ha! I can do that fast!   So, it is still in progress…
IMAG0530 There’s always that one thing. Grr….
The above photo is taken of the longest seam. This is just a little tip for ya.  You can  that I rolled the  side that will be going to the right of the needle. I pinned to hold it in this  position. This will keep it from being to bulky while going under the throat of the machine.  My spare time is what I rely on to finish my quilting and work on …other sewing projects. Hehehe.. Here’s what I have been working on in the mean time.
     I got hubby to help with some projects on the Honey Do List. First, I wanted to condense the amount of things taking over the den. I really mean “taking over”! One of those things was the ironing board. So, he cut me a piece of particle board that was in the shop. We just measured the top of the cabinet. Which is more than 30 inches. I really wanted to have a bit more than 30 inches in width and enough length to cover the top of the shelves.
I cut a piece of fabric about 4 inches wider than the board. I laid it on the floor wrong side up.  Then,  I cut the  insul-bright to dimensions of the board and  placed the insul-bright silver heat resistant fabric shiny side down in the middle of the fabric. I cut two layers of cotton batting to dimensions of board and laid it on top of the insul-bright. Now, I placed the board on top of batting. At this point, I just tucked and safety pinned the corners. I can wash it I need to or change it out as I wish. I like the options. You could staple it down.
I had a table that was being borrowed until I could get  a cutting table of my own. My hubby made the rolling cart about 5 years ago when we live in a super small house. It was 1000 square feet or something like that. 3/1 and the kitchen was a small square. 8*8 possibly. This has locking wheels too. I love that. Now, we have a much bigger house and a wonderfully spacious kitchen. So, why not repurpose here. The mat is 36*24. We made the cut about 6 inches wider so I could have some space to put tools and such on the top. It is just particle board. We didn’t have any hard board or plywood. I will fancy it up when I can catch a breath. Multipurpose!
    I also just wanted to check out the newest fabric that I got at Joanns on sale. I love a good sale. I mean, who doesn’t?  I love that place.
I got 1 yard of each. I have some red cotton that was leftover from Kenzie’s shirt.  I also used some off white. I didn’t care for that too much. So, I got a nice blue that will go better, instead.
Disappearing Nine Patch Block                        IMAG0501


I cut 1- red 4 inch block 4- 4 inch blocks of the large pattern flowers 3-4 inch blocks of the blue with the row of smaller flower border print. 1-4 inch square of the white with pattern.
      I didn’t actual take the pictures in the beginning of putting the block together. So, I will try typing through it. Just take the upper left corner flower print  and put it right sides together with middle block.  Sew the seam on the left side of the middle block. Open and press. Then take the flower print on the right and lay it right sides together on the middle block. This time, sewing seam on the right side of middle block. Open and press.  One all the rows are sewn in this method. You will have the first picture on the left.

Place top row onto middle row. Right sides together. Sew seam along the top edge from left to right.  Open and press. Shown below on left. I then, placed the bottom row right sides together and sewed seam along bottom edge of the middle section from right to left. I hope you got all that. I really sounds harder than it is to do.
Then, I cut right down the middle at 5 3/4  and then across at 5 3/4 without moving the fabric.
Now, you have your disappearing 9 patch. It’s  ready to be sewn back together forming a different pattern.

I haven’t decided yet which one I am going to stick with yet. I am leaning toward the middle photo. I really just wanted to see it. Immediate satisfaction.  I ended up using 2 squares to make a heating rice pad. My son got an earache. Poor baby.  I couldn’t find the ear drops, and I was out of sweet oil. I took two of the blocks and put them right sides together sewed a seam around the edges. I left an opening at the top. I poured about 1 1/2 cup of dry rice in the pocket. Then, I sewed it shut. Simple, and it worked!
IMAG0528 This is it. You just put in microwave for 30 seconds til it gets warm. Make sure you move it around a bit to check that the inner rice grains aren’t to hot. I checked it on my skin, and it was a little hot when I took it out. I let it cool a bit before I put it on his ear. The next day, he was such a fan of  the rice pack. He’s a silly goose.
I just need to make some minor adjustments to the block by block quilt.  Now that the house and truck are clean. I can get some sewing done. Yay! Blog at you later.